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Live streaming can be more than just a one-way broadcast. We provide bi-directional conversations between multiple endpoints. These end points include conference room systems (VTCs) and individual devices such as laptops, tablets and phones.

Every client is unique and so each of our solutions are unique. Popular solutions include:

  • Teleconferencing between an OR and participants around the world
  • Broadcasting from an OR to a remote site such as a convention
  • Producing an interactive teleconference with live chat to a moderator
  • Adding polling and analytics into the teleconferencing platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s clarify what live streaming really is

What is a “Produced” broadcast?
Anyone with a cellphone can stream live to the internet or have a video conference, the difference with a “produced” broadcast is the quality of the stream. We use a lot of the same hardware and AV components as news stations so we can add overlays, graphics and pictures-in-picture effects.
What is the difference between a live broadcast and a videoconference?
What are the options for my live streaming event?
Are you able to come to my medical center?
What is Live Streaming

About SurgiCast

SurgiCast was founded to solve the unique needs of the medical industry. To our team, medical video sharing, broadcasting and event production is stuck in the past with no real innovation. Any new products and services are typically out of the budget for most hospitals and individual surgeons. We hope to change how medical videos are viewed and bring some wow to your medical video production.