Unique Team Editing Platform

Unique Team Editing Platform


The unique platform that we use gives your team the power to make notes directly on the video. This helps our editors know exactly what you are looking for on the final project. Using this simple platform, you are able to note where titles go, where to cut out footage and what other changes need to be made.

We know Editng

We know Editng


Since all we do is medical video projects we already know what is and is not important with editing surgical footage. This unique knowledge helps speed up the process of editing hours of footage down to a presentation amount.

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Removing the headaches of editing video

Editing video is a chore. It is compounded by the hours of video that can come from one case. When preparing to share a medical video, it is important to cut out all the typical procedural clips and get to the unique portions of the operation. Our team edits medical footage every day, so we know how important it is to include unique parts and remove the rest.

We are also able to add graphics and titles to your video to up its production value. We have all suffered through medical videos that where long, boring and at the end uninformative. By adding graphics to your video content, you can drive points home and highlight your unique case.

About SurgiCast

SurgiCast was founded to solve the unique needs of the medical industry. To our team, medical video sharing, broadcasting and event production is stuck in the past with no real innovation. Any new products and services are typically out of the budget for most hospitals and individual surgeons. We hope to change how medical videos are viewed and bring some wow to your medical video production.